DIY Wedding Card Box Ideas

Here are some photos for ideas / inspiration on how to accessorize and decorate your wedding card box. I have used the Hayley Cherie wedding card box for this photo gallery. These are all really simple ideas, that are inexpensive and quick to do.

I bought the flowers on, there is a huge range to choose from along with heaps of different accessories such as ribbons, lace, rhinestones etc. Amazon also has a good range of everything.

I created all these boxes for under $30

For example:

  • Hayley Cherie wedding card box = $20

  • Ribbon = $1-2

  • Rhinestone wrap = $4

  • Flower = $2-4 each

This is what the Hayley Cherie Wedding Card box looks like with nothing added:


Hayley Cherie Wedding Card Box

Hayley Cherie Wedding Card Box

Here is what it can look like with a bit of ribbon, some rhinestone wrap and a flower or two! Because I only had the one box to work with, I just used some double sided tape to stick things on temporarily. So my accessories look a bit wonky in some photos as they weren’t stuck down very well. If you were doing this yourself then you could use a hot glue gun to make everything look more perfect and professional.


If you browse around at the handmade wedding card boxes online, they are often in that $100 range. I have shown a few examples of wedding card boxes similar in size and style to the ideas in my photo gallery so you can see how much you can save with a little DIY. I actually think the Hayley Cherie box looks far nicer than the boxes used in many of the handmade examples and the dimensions are more generous.


Price examples of buying a ready made wedding card box: