Hayley Cherie Wedding Card Box


Hayley Cherie Wedding Card Box

5 stars

5 Stars



Out of all the wedding card boxes that I have reviewed, the Hayley Cherie Wedding Card Box is my favorite. It ticks all the boxes with price, quality and appearance. It is made of a thick sturdy cardboard, so is nice and strong. It’s a square shape measuring 10” by 10”, so is a good size for holding lots of cards.

What makes this box stand out is the beautiful white textured paper that it is covered in. It also comes with a white ribbon and a silver rhinestone ribbon slider that you can wrap around the lid of the box. This simple accessory really gives the box that extra wow factor.These accessories are not attached so you have the option if you want to use them or not.

It comes in 3 pieces that are easily assembled together. It’s just a matter of sticking the adhesive sides together then attaching the base to the sides. It comes in a thick cardboard packaging box, so it is well protected when being shipped.


Whats included:

  • The base (2cm high)

  • The lid (5.5cm high)

  • The sides (joined together and fold up like an accordion)

  • White ribbon

  • Silver rhinestone ribbon slider



  • Looks beautiful and expensive

  • Has a gorgeous white textured look

  • Attractive ribbon + ribbon slider accessory

  • Neutral color so can be used for any type of occasion, not just weddings.

  • Strong and durable

  • High quality – looks more expensive than the price

  • Easy to assemble

  • Easy to glam up with your own accessories and decorations

  • Re-usable as a keepsake box

  • Folds flat for easy storage

  • Well packaged to prevent damage with shipping



  • It is assembled together with adhesive tape, so it isn’t as strong as a ready made box. The adhesive does seem quite strong and was able to hold about 3kg of weight when I tested it.



I love this box, it is perfect for weddings and looks stunning. It has a high quality feel and looks far more expensive than the actual price. It can be accessorized for any occasion and is the only gift card box that includes a ribbon and ribbon slider.

Why spend $100+ on a handmade gift card box when Hayley Cherie has done most of the hard work for you

You can purchase this Wedding Gift Card Box today from Amazon.com

Check out my photos for ideas on how to accessorize this wedding card box


Price: $19.87 (remember that amazon prices do vary)