Card Box Party Accessory


card box party accessory

card box party accessory

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1 Star




This is a large square wedding card box. It is 12” x 12” and comes folded flat in a plastic bag packaging. It is made of a thin, flimsy cardboard and has a picture printed on it. The image looks like a heart with fancy fabric frills around it and appears to look 3-dimensional in some photos. However it is not 3D at all, it is just a flat box, with a picture printed on it.

This wedding card box looks really cheap, it would look better if it was just plain white than having an unattractive picture printed on it. The thin cardboard makes the box easy to break and it won’t hold much weight. The lid doesn’t sit flush against the sides and can be pushed in easily.


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Whats included:

  • One-piece foldable box 12” x 12”



  • Cheap

  • Easy to assemble

  • Folds flat for easy storage



  • Made of thin, flimsy cardboard

  • Printed design is unattractive

  • Looks cheap



Don’t buy this box, it looks cheap and awful. You would not want this at your wedding.


Price: $8.34 (remember that amazon prices do vary)