How to Accessorize your Wedding Card Box

It is so easy to make your wedding gift card box look beautiful and coordinated for your wedding. Here are some ideas of how to accessorize your wedding card box. All these things can usually be bought from your local craft store, or check our which also has a huge variety.


Fabric Flowers

If you look at all the expensive handmade wedding card boxes, they just about always have a fabric flower(s). They are cheap to buy, but add so much value to the way your box looks. They can be made of different fabrics and materials such as satin, chiffon, lace or ribbon. I find that a good place to find these types of flowers is in the hair accessories section of the craft store. If you need some inspiration, check out, there are so many beautiful handmade flowers. They are often around $3 – $4 and you are spoilt for choice.


 If you don’t want to use fabric flowers the other option is to use real flowers to match with your wedding flowers.

Flower Embellishments

If you want to add a fabric flower(s) onto your box, embellishments can give that extra special touch. You can use colored beads, rhinestones or pearls and simply glue them onto the center of your flowers. I find that a hot glue gun works the best. There are heaps of different styles and colors for flower embellishments, I have just listed a few basic types.


Colored Beads:

These come in different colors and sizes. But they are a subtle way of adding a little bling to your flowers. If you want the beads to be more noticeable, you could put a different color so that it doesn’t match the color of the flower.



These look gorgeous and work well if you are going to have some rhinestone ribbon on your box.



These can come in different colors and sizes. I personally like the white pearls on a white flower, for a simple subtle look.


Rhinestone Ribbon

You can buy rolls of rhinestone ribbon which can easily be cut with scissors to what ever shape or size you need. Rhinestone ribbon looks gorgeous and can make your wedding card box look extra glamorous and expensive. It looks great around the edge of the card slot.