Wilton Ornate Pearl Card Holder Box

WILTON Ornate Pearl Card Holder Box

WILTON Ornate Pearl Card Holder Bo


1.5 Stars

1.5 Stars



This comes unassembled in two pieces. The lid is already made and the rest of the box needs to be folded into shape and stuck together with adhesive. There are some pearl fasteners that also help hold the box together. There is a metal frame attached to the top of the lid where you can insert a small card. The box has beveled edges, giving it a unique octagon shape. This wedding card box had brown marks along the bottom of the front panel. It looked like cardboard residue that I couldn’t remove.

It is made of flimsy cardboard so all the sides do not sit straight and the edges and corners look bent and and out of shape. Because of the poor quality of the cardboard, this box looks cheap and is difficult to assemble. The adhesive tape does not stick well and the sides of the box keep coming unstuck. When I first started assembling this box, one of the side panels just tore right off, I was barely even pulling on it. Putting this together was frustrating and the end result was not good. The cardboard has a stamped circular texture on it, which would look nice if it weren’t for the poor construction and quality of the box.


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Whats included:

  • Lid with metal nameplate

  • Unassembled box (base & sides)

  • 8 pearl fasteners



  • Cheap



  • Very poor quality

  • Looks cheap

  • Difficult to assemble



Do not buy this box, spend a little bit more and get something you would actually want on display at your wedding. I thought the Wilton brand would have a higher standard than this. It is a terrible design and made of cheap materials.


Price: $9.99 (remember that amazon prices do vary)