Cathy’s Concepts Reception Gift Card Holder


Cathy's Concepts Reception Gift Card Holder

Cathy’s Concepts Reception Gift Card Holder


4 Stars

4 Stars



This comes as a ready made box, you just need to attach the lid on top. It is made with a wire design which is thick and strong. You can’t bend these like a coat hanger so it is very sturdy. At a distance this looks great, but up close the glitter looks a bit messy with some glitter stuck around the wire frame and the top circular decoration could have had some more glitter to fully cover it. It does shed a small amount of glitter. Another small thing that I noticed was that the lid didn’t sit flush on top of the box. It’s not that noticeable and is only a small gap.

It is a good size, about 10” x 10”, so can fit plenty of cards. This wedding box is a nice alternative to other cardboard style boxes. It does come in other colors (gold, black and white).


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Whats included:

  • Metal box

  • Separate lid



  • Unique and beautiful design

  • Neutral color so can be used for any type of occasion, not just weddings.

  • Good quality with strong, sturdy construction

  • No assembly required

  • Comes in 4 different colors



  • Glitter looks messy up close

  • Cannot be folded up for storage

  • More expensive than other wedding card boxes



This is the most expensive wedding card box that I have reviewed, but it is the only one with a wire construction. This is a good choice if you like this type of box. I think the price is about right for the quality. If it weren’t for the glitter looking a bit sloppy then I would give it a better rating. It’s a fancy looking box, that doesn’t need any additional decorations. You could use it for all types of occasions.


Price: $42.84 (remember that amazon prices do vary)